Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday!

Addison, Bryce and Collin are 1! This last year has flown by and it has been so much fun watching them grow, develop unique personalities, and become more active. On Monday we wished Addison a Happy Birthday and sang to her but it just didn't feel like her birthday yet so we celebrated all of their birthday's today. We started the day with a big pancake breakfast and then had some family over tonight for dinner and cupcakes. Bryce devoured his cupcake and most of Addison's. It took Collin a while to dive in but he eventually figured out it was good. Addison didn't want much to do with her cupcake so Bryce helped her out. They opened several presents and enjoyed playing with their new toys. Overall I think it was a pretty good day. I don't have my pictures downloaded yet so I will put those on another post. We will celebrate again this weekend with a bigger party and tomorrow we go for their 12 month check up. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADDISON, BRYCE and COLLIN!


Sew Many Quilts said...

Happy Birthday to all of you! It has been a great year. It is lovely being able to watch them grow and learn. Thank you Adrienne for taking time to share with us. We hope to get there to see everyone this summer.

The Schramm Clan said...

happy birthday!! Can't believe they are one!

Dad said...

IT HAS been a great year. You are lucky to have three healthy vibrant babies. But that luck was the result of both of you and your hard work and love that you have given for Addison, Bryce and Collin. Your Mom and I are extremely proud of you and Steven. It is extremely wonderful to see both of our daughters and their husbands develop into such loving and giving parents.