Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Carseats

It took me forever to take the plunge and buy new car seats but I finally did it. I guess I was a little sad that my babies were getting bigger and outgrowing the infant seats and I wanted to make sure I picked the safest car seats I could find. Bryce has totally outgrown his infant seat and is getting difficult to carry around. I really wanted a rear facing car seat but I also wanted something that would last them a long time. Our infant seats were Graco and we loved them so I really liked this Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 seat. It was recommended by several safety sites and had nothing but good comments from consumers. The seats were delivered Thursday, the FedEx man ran through the pouring rain and as I greeted him at the door he said "I think they made a mistake and sent you 3". "Nope, no mistake we need all three we have triplets", the look on his face was priceless so he ran back to the truck and grabbed the other two. I took one of the seats out to see how Bryce would look in it and all three wanted to check it out. I left it sitting in the living room for a day and they all had a great time climbing in and out of it. We plan to get Bryce's seat installed by his birthday and we will see how much weight Addison and Collin need to gain before they are legal to turn around.


The Farmers said...

That seat looks great! We have had ours installed rear facing for a while and in just minutes we are going out for a drive with it forward facing to see how she responds. I can't wait!

Jaime said...

you were scared to pull the trigger because it had to cost you a fortune!