Monday, June 14, 2010

1st Birthday Party

I may have gone a little overboard but I figured our babies will only turn 1 once! We had the party at Gun & Rod so there was a pool for the kids to swim, a playground, and a/c for the adults. These were the invitations, I thought they were perfect because of the three fish and they went with my swim theme. The cakes also went with the swim theme and the invitations. They were so yummy and cute.

About a month before the party I started making these table decorations when the babies went to bed. I had a sand bucket with pictures for each month of their lives.
Of course what party would be complete without balloons and presents!
A friend of mine made this Happy Birthday banner and it was so cute (Thanks Robyn for letting us borrow it)
We had a lot of dips, chips, hamburgers and hot dogs for our guest. Before we ate I thanked everyone for coming and of course I started to cry. This last year has gone by so fast and it was all overwhelming just thinking about it. It also made me emotionally just thinking about all of the support and help we have had over the last year. Everyone always says it takes a village to raise kids and I think that statement is even more true with multiples. The party was a wonderful celebration of the babies first year and all that we have been blessed with. As our guest left the kids all left with this party favor.
I think the party was a success, I know the babies won't remember it but we all enjoyed celebrating on their behalf!


Jess said...

I hate that we missed it, but it sounds like it was a HUGE success and lots of fun. Good job, Mom!!!

The Schramm Clan said...

looks like a blast:)