Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1 Year Check Up

Today we went for the babies 12 month check up. Dr. Draehn thought everyone was doing well. Per the TCH doctors instructions we held off on Addison's vaccinations until we can diagnose her low platelets. Since Addison didn't get vaccinations Dr. Draehn thought it would be best to hold off on a few of the vaccines for Bryce and Collin so they wouldn't pass a virus on to Addison. Bryce still got 2 shots and Collin got one so they didn't get off too easy. They all had to get a routine finger prick which they were not happy about.
Addison is 18lbs. 9oz. (15%tile)
27 3/4 inches long (15%tile)
Her platelets were 21 which is still very low, I have a call into her TCH doctor to see what she thinks.
Our three hour visit to the clinic was long for three tired babies who desperately needed a nap. Collin entertained himself by playing with Bryce's hair.
Bryce is 23lbs. 12oz. (65%tile)
30 1/4 inches (65%tile)
Collin is 18lbs. 15oz. (5%tile)
28 inches (5%tile)

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Jaime said...

Bryce is going to be a heart throb! Look at that hair!