Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday's doctors appointment

We went for our weekly check up with my OB Friday. Everything was good, the babies are moving and have good heartbeats. She was still not able to see the hematoma. She had the report from the high risk which said where it was located but she just couldn't find it. I know without a doubt that it is still there so it just confirmed to me that with her technology she was not able to see it. She assured us that the hematoma would cause little risk to me or the babies which is very comforting. We do not have another appointment for two weeks, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have an emergency that causes us to go in. It never fails when I don't have an appointment scheduled something goes wrong that they want me to come in for.

We still do not know the sex of the babies. I've begged but they cannot say for sure the sex. My OB wants the high risk to tell us at our next appointment at the end of February. She did tell us that she thinks baby C does have something between the legs(but she didn't want us to go buy blue because of that). Baby A wasn't even in a position she could look. And Baby B she wasn't sure. Its killing me to know. I'm hoping for two boys and one girl but I'm sure we will be happy with whatever they are.

On a sad note I'm in the uncomfortable stage of my regular clothes not fitting but not yet ready for maternity clothes. I'm sure I won't stay in this stage long but it is very difficult picking out clothes to wear right now.

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