Friday, January 16, 2009

Good News!!!

We saw the high risk doctor today and feel a lot better. He doesn't think the placenta is detached at all. He found a hematoma which is what he thinks caused the bleeding which completely made since. This is not something that will cause a risk to me or the babies but it is likely to continue bleeding or just absorb itself. Our fertility specialist saw this at week 5 or 6 and we've asked the first high risk and the OB about it several times but they didn't see it. It is possible that it was absorbed and this is a new one but we think it is the same one that has been here this whole time. This was something that the OB would of had a hard time seeing because her technology is not as high tech as the high risk doctors. And there is so much going on in there with three babies and three placentas that it is hard to see. We were a little frustrated that the first high risk doctor didn't see it or say anything about it but we are done with him. The new high risk didn't think the placenta previa was anything to worry about which is what my OB said too. Everyone feels confident that this problem will resolve itself as soon as the uterus expands. So after today I have the okay to go back to work next Tuesday. The bed rest will definitely come up again at some point but I'm really glad that it's not going to be this early in pregnancy.

The new high risk also set me up on a nutrition plan which consisted of 4000-5000 calories a day, eating 6 times a day (3 snacks and 3 meals), and the best part is ice cream before bed every night :) By the end of the pregnancy I should have gained 53-66lbs which Steven so nicely reminded me that I have to lose that weight after the pregnancy. I can't wait to see how much he gains after this is all said and done!

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The Haseltine's said...

WOW!! 4000-5000 calories!! That sounds like fun! William would be eating a large pizza everyday for every meal!