Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ultrasound Pictures

Here are the ultrasound pictures from Friday's visit to the high risk doctor:

This is how they are positioned Triplet A is at the bottom, Triplet B is top right, and Triplet C is top left.
Triplet A was 6.80cm and the heart rate was 145bpm.

Triplet B was 6.76cm and the heart rate was 153bpm.

Triplet C was 7.62cm and the heart rate was 159bpm.


Kari said...

Wow...they seem so big already! Glad everything worked out, and enjoy all that ice cream!! 3 babies...has it sunk in?! Congrats, again!!

Alicia said...

they are so big since christmas...i can't believe it...and i'm glad that everything is ok after the little scare...i can't wait to see you and the little ones or find out what they are!!!! hope everything continues to go you girl and ya'll are in my prayers...all 5 of you!!!!

Karen said...

Your Mom just sent us your blog. Denny and I are very proud for you and Steven. Your babies are so beautiful. Keep up the good work!