Sunday, February 1, 2009

We survived the week!

We are celebrating! This was the first week I made it without going to the doctor. Although I do have to say I miss it a little not knowing that everything is going okay but I don't miss the drive.

I am officially in maternity clothes now. As you can see by the photo my belly is beginning to expand quickly! And I do have to say its not very comfortable when your belly is expanding 3x's faster than it normally would. Steven thinks I shouldn't complain after hearing about the octuplets but I don't think my back and belly would agree.


Brandy said... look great!

Alicia said...

how cute are you!!!! i can't wait to hear what sex those little boogers are!!! hope everything continues to go smoothly!!

Katie said...

Congrats, Adrienne! You're looking great!

The Haseltine's said...

you look great...and just wait until the ta-tas start expanding!!!

The Logan Clan said...

you look amazing...definitely glowing, can't wait to meet the threesome.