Thursday, January 15, 2009

2 week vacation

Okay, not the vacation I would have wished for but I am off work for probably two weeks. To make a long story short I found out two weeks ago that I had placenta previa. Which means one of the placentas is over my cervix. This can be common in multiples pregnancy because there is just not room for all of the placentas. At this stage of pregnancy it is not a major problem because the uterus will still expand. The placenta will hopefully move with the uterus and move away from the cervix. Everything was going okay until last night. The doctor had me come in and now she thinks a small part of the placenta is detached. The good news is the babies are all healthy and doing well. I feel fine but will have to make sure things don't get worse. The doctor gave me orders to stay home from work for at least a week or two. I'm not on strict bed rest but have to take it easy which I shouldn't have a problem doing. Although I will probably be pretty bored after a few days. My OB has been the doctor monitoring me through this process but she wants me to see my high risk doctor tomorrow so we will see what he has to say.

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The Maurer's said...

Oohh girl, you take care of yourself. Catch up on some day time tv and get some rest. We'll keep you in our prayers!