Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Llano River

I'm a little behind on posting so be prepared for some updates. The weekend before the 4th I braved a three hour drive to Llano with three 3 year olds for our Michalewicz Reunion. It was a quick trip but we enjoyed fishing, playing with our cousins (and meeting new ones), and seeing everyone.
Bryce, Addison, and Collin along the Llano River

Kathy and Les
My aunt and uncle from Virgina (soon to be Australia) flew into Houston Friday and met up with me in Brenham to help with the drive. It was great visiting with my aunt during the drive and I really appreciated the help with the kids.
Addison fishing with Tegan and Uncle Jason
Bryce caught his first fish
The "multiples" of the family
back row: twins Lucy and Louis, twins Alexis and Jessica
front row: the triplets and twins Elise and Ian
The Wilde Family

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