Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Addison's first haircut

Yes, she is 3 and just getting her first haircut (if I can really call it that)! We only snipped off the frizzy ends that have been driving me crazy every time I fix her hair so it was nothing drastic. Addison was so excited to get her first hair cut. She has watched Mommy, Daddy, Bryce and Collin get several haircuts but this was her turn and she made sure they knew it! For the first two years of her life she barely had hair so I wanted to let it grow out a little before we got her first haircut. Now I'm hoping her hair will start to grow more.
This is how little hair Addison had at 1 yr. and 2 yrs. old
Addison before her hair cut
She sat in the chair so well and did everything Valerie asked her to do
Can you see the excitement on her face
Snipping of the ends
Valerie and Addison with her new haircut

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