Sunday, July 29, 2012

Backyard project #2

It only took a few days to clear the backyard but it took us about 4 months to figure out what kind of fence we wanted and what kind of patio to do. Then we put in a sprinkler system before we could get grass.
While the guys worked on the patio three heads watched out the window.
We then waited outside watching them so we could put our hand prints in the concrete.
After a couple of weeks of rain we were finally able to get our grass delivered, a whole eighteen wheeler truck load!
The kids were excited to watch the grass be taken off the truck
We had eighteen pallets delivered to the backyard
It was great to have a lot of help from family and friends!
Lane helping carry the grass for the guys
Mark helping fill in the gaps
Kyle, Dalton, Jason, Steven, Dane, Ryan and Lane admiring their hard work
Watching these two play in the yard and the sprinklers made it all worth it
Our back yard looks so big now (this is only about 3/4ths of the yard)

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