Sunday, July 29, 2012

Backyard project

This has been our biggest and longest project thus far! We started back in March clearing the yard. I regret that I didn't get a good before picture but the backyard was very over grown and looked really small. We removed rocks, bricks, railroad ties, chain link fence, vines, over grown plants, a lot of shrubs, some very large wild peach trees, and two large trees.
This is the back fence when we started
We halled off several trailer loads of shrubs and tree limbs
The kids loved watching the tractors work in the yard
Steven worked hard to make our backyard look good
Ryan worked hard helping us remove stumps in the yard
Addison eating her snack on the tractor
The boys had fun watching the tractors
Collin spent a lot of time on this tractor
and loved every bit of it
Driving the tractor around the block (I'm sure our neighbors loved us)

This is how our yard looked for about 4 months while we did one step at a time

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