Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Good Friday at the River

My family has had a place along the Llano River ever since I was a little girl and over the years it has been a meeting place for family gatherings. Good Friday we made the quick trip to the river to once again gather with family. The kids enjoyed cooling off in the river, an egg hunt and lots of running around on the deck.
Addison enjoying a snack in Daddy's lap
Collin having a serious conversation with Great Grandpa
We found a shallow sandy spot in the river and let the kids splash around in the water. They love baths and playing in water so we thought they would enjoy it a little more than they did.
Collin dove in pretty quickly and was not affraid to put his face in the water. Addison was a little more hesitant but eventually splashed around in the water close to mommy.
Bryce did not want in the water but we got him to this rock and he splashed around a little but never left the rock.
I think he prefered to sit here with daddy
Bryce with a handful of cheetos (one is just not enough)
Collin giving his gig'em sign
Addison dipping her cheetos in ketchup


Jess said...

Precious pics! What a fun trip!

JG said...

I still remember the time I went to Llano with you. Fun times.