Wednesday, April 20, 2011

22 Months Old

Collin, Addison and Bryce

We are on the count down to two, birthday party plans are being made and the terrible two's have begun. At 22 Months Old Addison, Bryce and Collin are talking more, throwing a lot more fits, and just into EVERYTHING!

They call each other by name now, Addison and Collin call Bryce, Bice. Collin kind of comes out Tolin, and Addison is still pretty hard.

They haven't mentioned poop poop or potty as much lately so we've taken a break on the potty training but still take them if they say it. I figure it will be easier when they are really ready and we're "really" ready!

They know what blanket, cup, fork, etc. is theirs and when another one takes "their" blanket, cup or fork they just scream until they get it back!

They can hear a choo choo before anyone and will make sure everyone else hears it. They love puppies and can spot a puppy on tv, walking or even if they hear it barking. I don't know how many times a day we hear choo choo, puppy puppy!

They are learning to pray before meals. As soon as momma sits down at the table they will remind us "pay, pay" and they all fold their hands. If I get up from the table and sit back down we have to pray again.

Taking away toys from each other is an everyday occurrence.

The boys seem to love on Addison more, I've caught Collin several times just sitting next to Addison with his arm around her. It is so sweet!

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