Friday, April 29, 2011


Easter Weekend was filled with family gatherings, egg hunts and lots of food. It is a little exhausting getting our family of 5 to and from place to place but we enjoyed seeing everyone and even happier when everyone slept really good Sunday night! Addison seemed to have the egg hunts down and did a pretty good job of putting the eggs in her basket. Collin thought the eggs were balls and prefered to throw them rather than put them in his basket. Bryce would pick up eggs for a little while but got distracted and went to play with something else before all of the eggs were picked up. We now have enough candy to last us until Halloween which is not good for my diet!

Let the egg hunt begin!
Collin checking out what is in his egg
Collin throwing an egg
Bryce hunting eggs with a ball in his hand
Who wants to pick up eggs when you can ride a wild horse
Addison with a handful of eggs
Addison quickly tossing eggs in her basket
Cheezing for the camera

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