Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Last week we were invited to an Easter Egg Hunt. I was really surprised at how well the kids did picking up eggs. They carried their baskets almost the whole time and somehow they knew how to open the eggs and that something was in them. So after picking up the first egg they were wanting to see what they got! They had fun playing with their friends and running around Dr. Dietrich huge lot.
Charlie and Bryce look like they are having fun!
Emmie and Lindsey had fun taking care of Addison
Bryce picking up eggs and checking them out

Collin picking up eggs

Addison picking up eggs and checking them out

Addison, Collin and Bryce checking out their baskets after the hunt
Addison showing Cuatro her eggs
Addison and Collin were so excited to play with Ms. Debbie's puppy dog
One tired Bryce with a really big egg!

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