Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So I guess I lied!

In my last post I mentioned that Addison had a great platelet count but two other levels were low. Dr. Lakshmi did a blood test that day and called me yesterday with the results. Addison's hemoglobin was low and she feels she is anemic. She wants us to put Addison on a high protien diet and she called in a perscription for iron supplements. We will see Dr. Lakshmi again in 3 months so we can check her levels again but hopefully this shouldn't be an ongoing thing like the platelets were. Thankfully this is treatable and non life threatening but it is one more hurdle we have to cross!

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The Haseltine's said...

Amy had also been on a prescription iron supplement. Luckily she would just take it directly from the medicine dropper and we only had to do it for 6 months. It also did a number on her bowels. We used Sunsweet plum juice to help keep things moving. It looked and smelled better than prune juice. I hope she is better soon!