Saturday, March 5, 2011

Story time with Miss Lou Lou

Now that the kids are getting a little older I have really tried to get them out and about a little more. The last few weeks we have gone to the library during pre-school story time with Miss Lou Lou. I love story time just as much as the kids if not more. Not only do I get a chance to chat with other moms but Miss Lou Lou does a great job of singing songs, telling stories and entertaining the crowd with her puppets! Collin is very attentive and will sit with the other kids the whole time taking in everything Miss Lou Lou is doing. Addison has done pretty good but usually wants to sit with mommy. The first time we went Bryce was running down the isles pulling books off the shelf but this week he sat in my lap with Addison and paid attention most of the time.
Waiting for story time
Miss Lou Lou singing a cowboy song.
 I even caught Collin tapping his foot to the music like Miss Lou Lou!
Collin giving Patches the Horse a hug
Us with Miss Lou Lou and Patches
After story time the kids get to play with their friends while the mommy's visit!
I am so thankful to share this time with the kids. It makes my day to see them get excited about the little things and I hope to treasure these moments forever!

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