Friday, March 4, 2011

Cowboys and Cowgirls

Last Saturday we went to Cowboy Caleb's 3rd birthday party, he had real horses that we weren't real sure about, lots of fun toys for us to play with and he gave us real cowboy hats. We love hats so we have been wearing our cowboy hats all week.
Can you see the look of terror in Addison's eyes!
Collin holding on to Daddy for dear life!
Addison and Bryce keeping a safe distance from the horse
Colt and Collin
I can only imagine what it will be like when these two turn 16!
Collin sat on the four wheeler, jeep or gator most of the night even to eat his snack!
Addison ate a whole bowl of guacamole
Bryce and Kelcie
Addison enjoyed the tricycle too!
Cowboy Bryce
Cowboy Bryce and Cowgirl Addison
Cowboy Collin
Thank you for inviting us to your party Cowboy Caleb!

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