Monday, February 28, 2011

Our last trip to TCH

On the 16th we made (hopefully) our last trip to Texas Children's. Addison had an appointment with Dr. Lakshmi her hemotologist and Bryce had a follow up appointment with Dr.Yen his opthamologist. Both doctors are in the TCH Clinic building so it was convenient to schedule them the same day. It was an early morning for us leaving at 6am but the day couldn't have gone any better.
Addison and Bryce watching a movie in the opthamologist office
Addison and Mommy waiting on Bryce's doctor. When we got to her doctors office she wasn't this happy!

Addison's platelet counts were still in the normal range (322) so Dr. Lakshmi felt she out grew the ITP. There is a chance it can reoccur but we know all of the signs to watch for so we are not too concerned about it. That was the good news the bad news was she had two other low levels but Dr. Lakshmi thought it was more than likely caused from a virus so we will check those later with our pediatrician just to make sure. If all is well then we shouldn't have to go back! YEAH!!! 
Bryce wasn't happy about getting his eyes dialated

Bryce had a follow up with Dr. Yen because during his check up a year ago he was slightly far sided and she had a concern that he would have problems. We weren't really concerned about his vision but we kept his follow up appointment to make sure. His vision was great and Dr. Yen didn't think we would need to see her again unless the pediatrican found it necessary. YEAH!!! 
Bryce and Daddy having a snack 
Collin and his friend Arabelle at the library

While we were in Houston Collin had a fun day with Aunt Dee. He got to take his cousins to school, go to the library to see Ms. LouLou and play with Brandon all afternoon.

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