Tuesday, February 22, 2011

20 Months Old

Addison, Bryce and Collin are now 20 months old and keeping Steven and I on our toes! I think we've child proofed everything in this house but they still find things to get into! They are starting to talk a lot more and will even repeat things we say every now and then, I guess its time to start watching what we say! They are starting to get a little helpful at picking up their toys. Somedays they help really well and we get everything put away and then one of them will pick up a box full of toys we just picked up and dump it out again so I guess we still have some work to do.

Addison will not get out of her bed most days without her blankets! She loves her shoes but will pull them off, tell me uh-oh and want me to put them right back on. She also likes to walk around in mommy's shoes. Addison weighs 23lbs. and has 10 teeth.

Bryce runs to his bedroom when we tell him its nite-nite time but only to run in the room before us so he can hide, usually behind the cribs so we have to crawl back there to get him. He weighs 29lbs and has 12 teeth and two more coming in which is part of the reason we've had som sleepless nights!

Collin's favorite word is huh! It drives me CRAZY when we ask him a question and he says "huh". You repeat the question and he says it again, "huh"! It was cute the first 500 times but now I want to scream when he says it. Collin is 23lbs and has 16 teeth

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