Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow Day

Our children are definitely Texans! We thought they would be in awe of the snow, making a snowman and throwing snow balls but we were completely wrong. They hated the cold and snow. The best part of the day was daddy getting to stay at home with us for the day. After breakfast we bundled everyone up and I guess Steven and I were more excited about the snow than the kids. In Texas we seldom see snow so like many others we get excited when it actually snows here. We opened the door and Addison, Bryce and Collin immediately ventured outside but weren't sure what to do. Once Addison stepped in the snow she stopped in her tracks and cried until we brought her back in the house. Collin cried and reached for Steven to pick him up. He let Steven carry him around for a little bit but wanted back inside as soon as Addison went back in the house. In his defense he had two ear infections and wasn't in the best of moods. Bryce was our only adventurous one, he walked around with Steven and I checking out the snow and ice! His mood quickly changed when I made him get out of the street so we quickly went back in the house and that was the extent of our fun in the snow!
Their first impression of the snow!
Bryce having fun in the snow
Bryce playing in the street
Collin looked so cute bundled up but he wasn't very happy about it!
Collin's foot steps in the snow
You could barely see the snow in the grass but the streets and driveway looked pretty

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Jess said...

They look so cute all bundled up...and so big! When did our kids get so BIG?!