Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bryce's first haircut

Bryce was in desperate need of a hair cut. As Valerie combed it out it was so long it covered his ears. I had her leave a few of the curls in the back because I just couldn't part with them yet but he doesn't look shaggy anymore. He did so well and sat in the chair all by himself like a big boy and didn't cry once. Afterwards he loved all the attention from the ladies, helped sweep, watch mommy get her hair washed and cut, and of course got a special treat for being such a good boy.  

This was the best before picture I got
What is she doing mommy!
Loving the attention!
Such a big boy, sitting still and watching in the mirror
All done, do I look handsome?
Bryce with Valerie who cut his hair
Watching mommy get her hair cut

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Shelby said...

Gotta love Valerie! Bryce's hair is way too cute.. I keep hoping we'll get some curls here!!