Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Aggies BTHO Tech

Saturday my parents had a big tailgate party for the aTm/Tech game. We have a lot of family and friends that go to Tech or are Tech alumni so we had a mixed group of aggies and red raiders. We had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone.
2010 Family Tailgating
2009 Family Tailgating
Mommy with Collin and Addison
Collin with "Reveille"
Aunt Lindsey and silly Addison
Bryce and Alicia
John and Collin
Addison being cute
Grandpa Wilde and David (Dad/Papa)
Grandpa is a Texas Tech graduate and Dad is an Aggie and they went to the game together.
Granny got a fussy Collin to take a nap
Addison took a nap with Mommy
And Bryce took a nap on Dorothy's lap
Sid and Bryce eating cheetos
Collin and Tegan in their cat glasses
Granny and Bryce loving on each other
Bryce being cute
Mommy and Granny with the three ducklings
I brought their halloween costumes along so they could trick or treat at the tailgate. They were a big hit!
Tegan gathering the ducklings
Trick or Treating
Addison, Mommy, Collin, Daddy and Bryce

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novacmichaels said...

very cute twins and nice family pictures you have