Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa Pictures

Saturday we took the babies downtown to see Santa and lets just say they weren't too fond of the white bearded man in the red suit! I kind of expected the tears and screaming so that didn't bother me but it drives me crazy that they put their hands in their mouth anytime we try to get pictures! Like my friend Jamie says, maybe next year!
Addison immediately didn't want anything to do with Santa. Bryce and Collin took a good look and then decided they didn't want to sit with Santa either!
At least we got everyone looking at the camera!
Before seeing Santa we attempted a family picture!
After we saw Santa we walked around downtown and let the babies get out some energy. We thought the downtown Christmas tree would be a good photo opportunity but they were having too much fun to sit still for a picture. 
Addison running around the Christmas tree.
Bryce throwing the tree ornaments, he thought they were balls, thank goodness they were shatter proof!
Collin looks sad but he had fun!

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