Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quack! Quack! Quack!

For Halloween I wasn't sure what the babies costumes were going to be, at first I thought they could be farm animals and each be something different. I ordered a duck costume and was trying to figure out what the other two could be. When the duck costume came in I decided they all needed to be ducks, it was just too cute. I also thought I will only have a couple of years that I can dress them all three alike before they have a say in the costumes so that made up my mind and ducks they were! I have to say I think they were pretty cute ducks too! We had a long day Sunday trick or treating most of the afternoon and then a halloween party that evening and trick or treating with friends.
The three ducks
Addison, Bryce and Collin
Trick or Treating at Grandpa's house
Opening our gifts from Grandpa and Myrna
Collin playing with his new cell phone
Bryce showing Grandpa how to work the cell phone
Addison with her cell phone
Then we went to Aunt Alison's
and played with the toys at her house
Collin running around Aunt Alison's
Bryce and Aunt Alison
Then we were on to Aunt Dorothy's
where we got a lot of snacks and some eyeball juice!
and took pictures
Collin and Bryce running around at Aunt Dorothy's
The next stop was Aunt Dee's by this time the babies were in a mood and this was our best attempt at a picture of the cousins in their costumes.
The cutest kitty cat, cousin Tegan
That evening the Maxwell's invited us over for a halloween party and for all the kiddos to go trick or treating. We had a great time even though the babies were not really into the trick or treating it was fun hanging out with friends. We made it several blocks and by the time we got to Grandpa's house the babies and Mommy and Daddy were done! We stopped there and came back with our car to pick up the babies and our wagon.
Bryce, Addison, Jake and Collin ready to trick or treat
Two of the ducks decided they didn't want to ride in the wagon so Daddy walked with them.

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