Monday, May 24, 2010

Splish Splash!!!

We spent Sunday afternoon in Grandpa's pool, it was a nice, refreshing way to end a hot weekend. This was the first time the babies have been in a "big" pool. Addison started crying at first because she wasn't sure what to think, she later got brave and would dip her face in the water. Bryce loved it and layed back in his float just relaxing. Collin wasn't sure of his float at first but enjoyed it when he realized he could splash and play.
Steven and I with our floating frogs and fish!
Bryce just relaxing!
Brave little Addison!
Collin and one of his many faces!
Aunt Alison with Bryce, Momma with Addison and Aunt Lindsey with Collin
Standing on the steps with Daddy and Grandpa!
Aren't they cute in these little swim suits?
Bryce already had his suit off but he looked pretty cute too!


The Maurer's said...

LOVE the swimming pics. Collin cracks me up... he will be your class clown.

Jaime said...

My girlfriend has twins and we said last year she needs to patent an infant raft for two (or three). Wanna be rich? Wink wink!

The Inmans said...

Where did you get the covered floats? I need to get one for Avery. Those look like they worked well.

Jess said...

They are TOO STINKING CUTE! (And so are you guys!) :)