Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Addison's TCH Visit

Yesterday we had another visit to Texas Children's Hospital for Addison's platelet counts. Her platelet counts were about the same at 57, which is still low. The doctors are happy that she has stayed healthy and not had any problems with bleeding so we will continue to do blood work once a month and put off the bone marrow biopsy another couple of months. This month they are doing test to check her XY chromosomes, these test could take 1-2 months to get results so we will not go back to TCH until July. Although Dr. Lakshmi does not have a diagnosis yet she is leaning towards ITP but she still feels Addison is kind of young for this so she wants to eliminate every other possibility first. We hate that our baby girl has to be stuck with a needle so much but we feel Dr. Lakshmi and the doctors at TCH will eventually find the problem to Addison's low platelets. It is always a long and crazy day to go to the medical center in Houston but we get to spend the day just with Addison and she loves getting all of mommy and daddy's attention!
A happy girl for an hour wait in the lobby!
Addison waiting with her daddy like a big girl
She always turns to look at her arm or the nurses to see what they are doing to her. It is so sad and makes everyone in the room tear up.
Maybe she's getting used to all the blood work, by the third vial of blood she had this calm, dazed look on her face and quit crying. It kind of worried us but she was back to normal after it was all done.

Addison we are so proud of you for being such a brave little girl!

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