Thursday, May 13, 2010

11 Months Old

I'm a little behind on making post so I apologize now for the length of this post, I will try to add more pictures to make it a little less painful!

This last weekend was a busy one, the babies turned 11 months old, we went to two maifest parades and celebrated mother's day. At 11 months old they are beginning to eat more table food, they love to splash in their baby pool and follow each other like three little ducklings. If one takes off into another room or heads to another toy the other two are sure to follow. The babies will always have a special bond being triplets but I didn't realize how that bond would already begin to form. Anytime one is awake and they hear another baby crying in the bedroom they will crawl to the door and sit there until I go and get the one crying. They also love to copy each other, if one starts blowing bubbles, babbles dadadada, or makes clicking noises the others follow along. Addison and Bryce are ususally the leaders when it comes to making noises or blowing bubbles but Collin is usually the leader when they crawl off to another room. 
Last weekend we went to the Maifest Parades. On Friday Collin started screaming at the first sounds of the fire trucks, while Bryce just sat in my lap and took it all in. At Saturday's parade Bryce decided he wasn't a fan of the fire trucks and started screaming. Addison wasn't as upset as the boys but she had her momments that she didn't care for all the noise either.
Our cute niece and nephews after the coronation

On Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day with three fussy babies. We thought things would get better after a nap but as we packed everyone up to go out to eat for lunch all three babies were hanging on the baby gate crying for us, as Steven tried to step over the baby gate all three babies came tumbling down with the gate on top of them and then Steven lost his balance and fell on top of the gate and the babies. Needless to say there was a lot of crying. We survived the day and even though we had fussy children most of the day Steven didn't make me change one diaper!!! Too bad that doesn't happen more often.
11 Months Old

  • likes to change the channel on the tv
  • can turn the tv off
  • can stand on her own without holding onto anything for 30+ seconds
  • has discovered the boys have "different parts" than she does
  • weighs about 17 lbs.
  • and has 5 teeth (two on bottom and three on top)
  • can clap
  • is a big bully and likes to take toys and bottles away from his brother and sister
  • is a messy eater and ususally ends up with food in his hair, clothes, face, and neck
  • will stand up in his crib and pull back the curtains and blinds to look out the window
  • weighs about 22 lbs.
  • and has two teeth on the bottom
Bryce was not in the mood for taking pictures for his mommy!
caught him playing
  • likes to close doors
  • fights going to sleep
  • can stand on his own without holding on to anything for 10-30 seconds
  • can open cabinets and drawers in the kitchen
  • weighs about 17 lbs.
  • and has 8 teeth (4 on top and bottom)

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The Schramm Clan said...

can't believe they are 11 months!! they are getting so big!