Sunday, February 5, 2012

One thing leads to another!

When we invested in an old house we knew there would be work to do updating the bathrooms, kitchen, plumbing, and electrical. Thankfully we have dads that are pretty handy with those things and are so awesome to help us out. We learned real quick that when you start one thing it always leads to something else. Our first project started with updating a bathroom which lead to replacing the old galvanized plumbing, which lead to this late night trench digging event!
The house is pier and beam so Bryce enjoyed crawling under the house with Papa and daddy.
It took several phone calls and a trip back to Home Depot to find out we needed a key to start this thing (even though we were told several times it didn't)! 2 hours later it started and made the trench digging job go really quick. 
By this time of night our work turned into a neighborhood affair with several neighbors pitching in to help out.
Catherine, John, Addison, Collin, Bryce and Charlie were part of the cheering crowd. The boys had fun watching the big boys dig in the dirt with the "tractor".
It's days (and nights) like these that we will look back on and laugh about everything we went through to make this house our home but for now its making our marriage stronger!

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