Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big Girl

Our little girl is growing up fast! Several months ago she started using the potty and wearing pull ups. She has been really good about telling us when she needs to use the potty. She's even learned how to "hold it" and looks so cute doing the little dance trying not to go! Her teacher sent a note home yesterday that said we could start sending her to school in PANTIES! Our first reaction was, oh my gosh, she's not a baby anymore. Then the reality of not buying diapers anymore gave us some excitement! Today was her first day in big girl panties and she wasn't so sure about putting them on. I showed her two (one pink and one with butterflies) and said which one do you want to wear (trying to make it a big deal) and she said "pull up"! I finally got her pink panties on and made a big deal about it. When I picked her up from school she still had the same clothes we sent her to school in so she was accident free all day! We are so proud of our little girl and very thankful for her teachers that had a large part in her potty training success.

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