Sunday, February 12, 2012

Will you be my valentine?

Friday the kids enjoyed their first Valentine's Party. I put together valentine's for each of them to pass out to their friends. I found this cute idea online, it was a butterfly template that you could print, cut out and stick a sucker in it for the butterflies head. I thought that won't be too difficult and would be really cute for Addison's valentine's. Then I thought if I'm doing something creative and cute for Addison I had to do the same for the boys. I searched the interent and found a shovel that said "i dig you", easy enough! One more, I find this alligator that said "I'd snap at the chance to be your valentine", it was cute and perfect for Collin's personality. The alligator was a little more time consuming than I'd thought but it turned out really cute and I think they had fun passing them out.
Addison's Valentine's
Here's the link to the printable templates if your trying to figure out what to do for your cute little valentine:
Bryce's Valentine's
I didn't do the bags around the bottom I just taped a bag of fruit snacks to the bottom and they were done!
Collin's valentine's
Here's the link to the alligator template:
All 36 valentine's
I didn't go to the party because I was worried the kids would cling to me and not participate in their party but I was so excited when I got these pictures from some of the other mom's. Thanks Jolie and Catherine!
Bryce passing out his Valentine's
Addison checking out her valentine!
Bryce looking pretty excited about his Valentine's
Collin enjoying his party snacks
Addison, Collin, and Bryce enjoying the party
The class with Mrs. Schmidt and Mrs. Connie
Standing: Luke, Bryce (with his shirt up), Dane, Jack, Owen and Charlie
Sitting: Ella, Mia, Addison, Mrs. Schmidt, Morgan, Collin, Drew and Mrs. Connie


Altax said...

Cute kids and lovely crafts!!!

Valentines Day Worksheets

The Maurer's said...

Adorable!! I feel like such a slacker!