Monday, November 21, 2011

Ring Dunk

It's a tradition when you receive your Aggie Ring that you dunk your ring in beer. Lindsey kept to tradition and dunked her ring after the game with her childhood friend Dixie. Both girls are not really fans of beer so they filled their mugs with a little less than the traditional 4 beers! The tailgate was so much fun that Bryce fell asleep in Kelcie's arms and Addison and Collin did everything they could not to fall asleep. 
The Dunkin Duo - Dixie and Lindsey
She was extremely nervous about dunking her ring
She did it like a pro
Lindsey and Dixie with their rings
The large group that attended the party to watch the dunkin duo
A happy Bryce with Aunt Alison
The Siemsglusz Family
Kelcie with about 30lbs of dead weight! Thank you Kelcie!
A cute and happy little girl!
Aunt Lindsey!

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