Monday, November 14, 2011

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Last week Steven and I met with the kids teacher, Mrs. Schmidt, for our parent teacher conference. She agreed that we have three very different individuals even though they are triplets! These are some of the things we discussed:

  • is very timid yet attentive to what the teacher is doing or saying.
  • doesn't talk much but has recently started saying "just fine" when asked "hello frisky frog how are you"!
  • will clap and dance to participate
  • still "me centered"
  • follows routines and directions 
  • is doing well with using the potty
  • will listen with interest to stories read aloud
  • is respectful
  • has a difficult time dealing with his emotions (a polite way of saying he can throw major tantrums when he gets upset about something)
  • is a pleaser
  • comprehends and communicates well
  • a little more cautious about things
  • did really well at catching and throwing in gross motor (which daddy was very proud of)
  • still "me centered"
  • colored a picture and identified it as a "circle" and the color "green"
  • Mrs. Schmidt said during story time Bryce will sometimes lay down and do his own thing (day dream or what ever) but is never disruptive
  • is fearless
  • confident
  • doesn't like to clean up
  • can gallop, jump and hop
  • communicates the best (out of the three of them)
  • still learning to control his feelings and use his words to resolve conflict (we have had a few problems with biting)
  • for following classroom routines and directions Mrs. Schmidt said "he does his own thing"
  • colored a picture and identified it as a "picture" and identified one as a "leaf" and the other as a "circle"
If you know our children you know that the teachers have identified the three of them pretty well! We are so fortunate to have such loving and caring teachers to take care of our children, the kids love Mrs. Schmidt (Ms. Mit) and Mrs. Connie (Ms. Tonnie) which makes taking them to school that much easier. The teachers have made this transition for all of us a great experience.

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