Friday, November 4, 2011

Our big Halloween winner!

The local radio station has an annual Halloween Party and they award prizes for children who are home early from trick or treating. This year we had contestant forms sent home in the backpack so I thought I would enter Addison, Bryce and Collin in the contest for the first time. At about 8:45 (way past their bed time) Bryce got a call from the radio station and because he was on a sugar high he was still awake to talk to the witch and be on the radio.

The witch said we caught this sweet little boy just before he heads off to bed. Bryce is a student at St. Paul's Christian Day School. While she was saying this Bryce was trying to tell her who his teachers were, Mrs. Connie (Ms. Tonnie) & Mrs. Schmidt (Ms. Mit), and he repeated it about 3 times. I finally stopped him and translated for the witch. The witch then asked how old he was and he quickly and proudly said "tree" (3) but he's 2! She then told him he won a $20 Walmart gift card and 2 #1 Sonic meals which is the perfect prize for him. He told her thank you (tank u), she said Happy Halloween and Bryce attempted to say Happy Halloween (I can't even translate how it came out but it was nothing like Happy Halloween). He was so excited to talk to the witch and we were proud of him for actually participating in the conversation. I was a little worried the only thing he was going to say was "Hi Pawpaw" which is what he said when he first got the call before he was put on the radio.
 Bryce with his prize!

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