Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spaghetti Thursday

My college roommate finally moved back to the Houston area and we are excited to have them closer so we can see them more often. After moving back she started Spaghetti Thursday, they invite different people over every Thursday for you guessed it - spaghetti! She then blogs about it here h  On Thursday we attended our first Spaghetti Thursday and got to see their beautiful new home. After we ate the kids had a blast at their community pool which was only chest deep on the kids and included a frog slide.
Laurie and Adrienne
Bryce, Addison, and Collin poolside
Laurie and Adrienne's crew
Amy, Addison, Collin, Bryce, and Mary
Addison and Amy
"Here I come Daddy"
Daddy helping Bryce down the slide
Collin didn't want to go down the slide but he enjoyed playing in the water
Bryce and Addison splashing

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Jess said...

What a neat idea!!!