Friday, June 24, 2011

Photo Session

Everyone that knows me knows how much I love pictures and now that I have three very active toddlers it is harder for me to pick up the camera and capture those great moments or get a posed picture of us. And like most mothers I never end up with a picture of me in it. My talented good friend Robyn has always taken beautiful pictures of her little ones and when she decided to go into the photography business I knew she needed to take pictures of our little family. I thought our crew may drive her out of the photo business but she was a professional and so patient with our family. She was dedicated in finding the perfect place and made sure we had the perfect props. She even made a cute little bow tie for the boys that she thought would go perfect with the popcorn pictures, she was right - see Bryce's picture below! This morning she surprised me with a sneak peek and I just love the images she caught!

For more pictures go to Robyn's blog and contact her if you want her to take pictures for you, tell her Adrienne sent you!



Jess said...

These pictures are AMAZING and I love the new blog design!

The Farmers said...

Love your sweet family! Thank you again for letting me capture this time of your life. The blog looks great!