Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Decorations

This year I have been looking forward to Christmas and how excited the babies would be when they saw the lights and Santa and all the presents under the tree. I was so excited I got out the Christmas decorations the week before Thanksgiving. I have gone all out and decorated a little in each room thinking the babies would be in awe of the lights and sparkle but much to my disappointment they pay very little attention to it (which is probably best). In reality they are still not going to realize that Santa came and left their presents under the tree, the boxes and paper will be more fun than the actual gifts and you saw their reaction to Santa but none the less I've tried to make it special!
The Christmas Tree in our living room. 
We put this gate around the tree to keep the babies from getting to the tree, its not pretty but it works!
The wreath I made out of coffee filters (with help from Shelby and Robyn)
I also made this JOY banner from hymnal pages
and put this wreath together!
Now the stress of finding the perfect gift for everyone on our list!

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Jess said...

YOURE TREE IS GORGEOUS!!!! We stuck to lights and garland this ornaments or the wild man would have them all. :) I MUST know how you made the coffee filter wreath. SO COOL! Love it!