Monday, September 27, 2010

First Overnight Trip

This weekend we took the babies out of town overnight for the first time for my cousin Brandon's wedding. The 6 hour drive to San Angelo was a long one, mainly because Addison refused to sleep and cried half the way there. This was the first time they have slept anywhere but their own beds so we were a little unsure how they would do. I of course went planned and ready for anything. I called around to several hotels until I found a hotel that had 3 cribs and would put all of them in one room. We had some crying at bedtime but with a little benadryl everyone quickly fell asleep. On Sunday our drive home was much better, we all had a long weekend and the babies played hard so they were extremely worn out and slept (including Addison). We had a great time at the wedding and visiting with family but it was nice to be home and back in our beds Sunday night.   
Brandon and Haley at the rehearsal dinner
Addison loving all the attention
I don't see any food mommy!
Addison and Collin liked the merry go round
Saturday for lunch we helped Aunt Dee and Uncle Jason celebrate their anniversary at a mexican food restaurant
 Addison was tired and fell asleep before we left
 The family before the wedding
 Aunt Linda with Collin and Aunt Kathy with Bryce
 Jessica and Addison
 Mommy and Collin
 Four Generations
 The cousins minus Anthony
 Bryce being cute
 Bryce and Collin
 Daddy and Addison
A tired baby girl

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Jess said...

You guys are SUCH a beautiful family! Glad it was a good weekend!!