Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fair Fun!

Saturday evening we took the babies to the fair, we took them last year but they were so small they couldn't do anything. This year they still couldn't ride any rides but they had a blast in the petting zoo and loved eating fair food. I wasn't sure how they would do in the petting zoo since most of the animals were at their eye level but to our surprise they really enjoyed it, until Addison got rammed by a goat!
Much to our surprise Addison was the first to pet the animals!
She loved the animals and chased them around laughing!
Can you see the excitement on her face?
Bryce would scream and laugh at the animals
but would run the other way when one got near him!
Steven tried to get him to pet one of the goats but he refused!
But he kept a close eye on the animals at all times!
Collin petted a few of the animals
but pushed most of them away and wanted nothing to do with them!
A big thanks to Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Ronnie for sticking around to help us out in the petting zoo!
We pulled them around in their wagon which worked pretty good but they would want to get out when we stopped.
We stuffed our faces with yummy fair food!
Mini Corn Dogs, french fries, and fried pickles!
And everyone got to see what it was like to drive a tractor!
We walked through the carnival and this was their reaction, I'm not sure if they are thinking "please don't put me on that ride" or if they were just in awe of all the lights, people and sounds!


Jess said...

Ahahahaha! The looks on their faces are priceless! What fun. They are just getting so big. Where has the time gone?!

Papa said...

I am curious. Did Steven touch any of the animals????