Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random pictures

Lindsey, Addison, Steven, Collin, Adrienne, and Bryce at A&M Club kickoff
It was hot and we were thirsty
Collin being a boy
Daddy and Bryce in the jump house at Austin and Avery's party
Collin was not a fan of the jump house
Addison wasn't a fan either!
Mommy got rid of our infant carseats so we had to take one last picture in them. We've come a long way since we first sat in our carseats.
Bryce thought his seat was still pretty comfy
Collin thought he could wear daddy's shoes
Addison and Mommy
Addison is officially our climber! She climbed up here all by herself!
Collin loves to pull out all of the wipes, maybe I can teach him to help me change diapers!

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Jen said...

Love reading and keeping up with your blog. Can't believe how fast your adorable kiddos are growing! So fun to see them walking (running :-)) around.