Sunday, August 8, 2010

14 Months Old

Addison, Bryce and Collin at 14 months old

Addison, Bryce and Collin have been so much fun to watch as they grow but Steven and I are really starting to like this age. They are so funny trying to dance, talk and play. We've started to teach them sign language, patty cake and to wave bye bye. They love to play hide 'n seek with daddy and laugh like crazy when they find him. Now that all three are walking better you can see even more of their personalities coming out.

Addison is a mean little girl if she doesn't get her way, I can only imagine what's in store for us as she gets older! She holds her own with the boys and will fight them for whatever she wants. She loves to dance and has some pretty good moves. Don't get in her way when she is driving one of the push cars, she is always so serious and on a mission! She is still a momma's girl but is getting more independent and doesn't like to be held by anyone. She can be sweet when she wants to be and loves to give her brothers (especially Bryce) hugs. She gets a big smile on her face and says awww when they hug her back.

Bryce is still our friendly little flirt and will go to just about anyone. When he is playing at home he will find a quiet corner and just lean up againt the wall and play with a cup or simple toy. Don't get me wrong he can be very loud at times too and loves to hear his loud voice echo in the hall or screams really loud when he is fighting with Addison over a toy but he is very cute when he is just relaxing in his quiet place. He is all boy and cracks me up how he makes a "vroom" sound when playing with his cars or trucks. Bryce loves to give hugs (especially to Addison) but it is usually unexpected and ends up being a tackle more than a hug.  

Collin is our sweet boy and if Bryce or Addison try to take a toy away from him he usually gives it up without a fight and goes on to the next best thing. He likes to dance and is a fast learner. He can sign more, eat, and ball. He's also learned to do patty cake and is so proud of himself when he does it. He is really bad about throwing his food on the floor, I've tried to tell him no but he just thinks its funny.


Sew Many Quilts said...

Love them! They are all so cute and sweet. Thanks for sharing them. I really enjoy watching them grow.

The Farmers said...

This is by far the best time..I totally agree. We are having a blast. Arabelle throws her food on the floor too and because our dog eats it that seems to be more of an incentive for her to do it.