Friday, August 27, 2010

Addison has a diagnosis!

Wednesday we had a long day at Texas Children's Hopital for Addison's follow up appointment with her hemotalogist, Dr. Lakshmi. We arrived at 8am, Addison was very friendly in the waiting area and made a few friends. We eventually got back to a room and she was determined not to make friends with any of the nurses. The plan was to do blood work and if the results came back with low platelets we were going to go ahead and do a bone marrow biopsy. Since the biopsy would require putting her to sleep they thought they would go ahead and start an IV to do the blood work. Addison was determined to fight even getting her blood pressure taken so getting an IV in was no easy task. It took about six+ nurses, Steven and I and on the THIRD try we finally got her IV in. By the second failed attempt I was in tears and the nurses were having to comfort me and her, Steven was so agitated he was ready to kick everyone out of the room and say forget it! After that they brought in another nurse and she was able to get it right away! We got her labs back fairly quickly and of course her platelets were still a low 69. So off we went to the PACU for surgery. Steven and I were exhausted after entertaining her in the waiting area until 12:30 when they finally brought her back for surgery. They gave her some drugs right away to calm her down and then put her to sleep and started the procedure. Steven and I were sent back out to the waiting area and 20 minutes later we were able to sit with her in recovery. She did so well and we are happy to say the doctor called and told us she found no signs of leukemia, etc. in the bone marrow smears. We are still waiting the biopsy and chromosome results but Dr. Lakshmi felt confident saying that Addison does have ITP. We will continue to follow this and we are hoping it will be something she will eventually out grow.
See her red checks and runny nose, that's from screaming her head off!
She wasn't sure what to think of this big bandage on her arm!
Addison and Mommy
Playing with the puzzle pieces
Pushing the riding toy
We did everything we could to keep her entertained!
Even read books
She LOVED this toy, not sure everyone else in the waiting area did!
Addison and Daddy checking out the fish
She entertained us by dancing, watch out she has some moves!
Our sleeping beauty in recovery
Still a little groggy but she got her little personality back quickly!


Jess said...

I am so sorry you guys had to go through that. I had no idea until I talked to Steven yesterday morning. Happy you guys have something concrete now, though. So hard to see your little one like that. Can't imagine how awful it was for y'all. Lots of love coming your way! XOXO

Sew Many Quilts said...

That doesn't sound like it was easy thing to do. I am glad that it is over and you have a diagnosis. At least you know what you are working with. We will keep everyone is our thoughts and prayers.