Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update on Addison

Well I'm not sure I can call it much of an update but we took Addison to Texas Children's today for her monthly visit to the hemotologist. Since her levels were up (106) two weeks ago we tought this would be a good visit but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Her platelet counts were back down to 58 which Dr. Lakshmi feels is not much different from her counts in the 30's. I think Steven and I were shocked and the first question was "why was it better two weeks ago?" She said it was typical for levels to go up and down when someone has thrombocytopenia. They took about 7 vials of blood from Addison and she was not very happy about it. She screamed when Steven held her tight to keep her still, then she would look at the needle and the lady taking the blood and scream. Of course she was better after it was all done and sported her pink bandaid proudly. They will be running more test on her blood to check for viruses and other causes so we are still in the process of elimination. We will go back in another month and do more blood work and if things don't improve we will do a bone marrow biopsy in a couple of months. The doctor told us to pad any of her playing areas(easier said than done), hold off on any vaccines, and watch for any unusual bruising, nose bleeds, cuts or major falls. We were a little disappointed with the news but we know we are on the right track to finding a diagnosis.   
Addison and her baby doll waiting
Addison thought she was a big girl on the horsey chair!
Giving blood can make you hungry so Mommy and Daddy took me out to eat. I ate a lot of bread, a piece of daddy's chicken, some broccolli, and my yogurt bites.

According to Addison the elevator ride was almost as bad as getting blood drawn. To get to the doctors office we have to take two elevators from the parking garage to the 14th floor. We have taken these elevators many times before but this time was a little different. As the elevators began to move Addison started screaming, when it would stop she was fine, then it would go again and she would scream. I guess she didn't like the pressure caused by the elevator so it was an interesting ride with an elevator full of complete strangers! 


Jess said...

Bless her heart! (and yours, too) I know this is not the news you guys were hoping for, but at least you have a plan from the best in the business. We'll pray that a firm diagnosis - and course of action - is made soon. XOXO

Deanna Schultz said...

I agree with Addison.
I had enough of elevators this weekend,they make my head spin and ears pop!

Kari said...

Riley and I were on the 14th floor at Texas Children's yesterday, also...too bad we missed each other. Hope they find answers for you guys soon!!


The Winkelmann's said...

Poor heart just breaks. Ya'll will be in our prayers. Remember HE never gives you more than you can handle. Stay strong.

The Schramm Clan said...

We are thinking of little Miss Addison!