Monday, April 12, 2010

10 Months Old

Wednesday and Thursday, Addison, Bryce and Collin turned 10 Months Old. They are so much fun now but also keep us very busy. All three are crawling and tend to follow each other from one room to the next or from one toy to the next. It didn't take long for the babies to wonder off and put me in a panic to what they are into now. Well I learned quickly how to keep them confined to safe places, now the baby gates go up and the doors stay closed. They have also gotten quicker at finding things on the floor before I do! Collin and Bryce have both tried to swallow a leaf, and Collin managed to get a rubber piece off the door stopper and was chewing on it until I found him. They are definitely making me work harder in keeping the house clean and I'm obiviously still not doing a great job.
     *has 2 bottom teeth and one coming in on the top
     *loves to blow bubbles
     *is chasing after mommy if she is in site
     *can walk along the couch
     *is not happy when Bryce snatches her bottle
     *weighs 18lbs

     *has 1 tooth on the bottom and another one coming in
     *loves his new found independence, crawling
     *has figured out how to "steal" bottles from his sister now that he can crawl
     *has the most hair
     *is wearing 9 month clothes
     *weighs 20lbs

     *has 8 teeth and likes to use them to bite!
     *also likes to use them to eat his bed. I've had to buy crib rail protectors but I'm not sure how long it will stop him from finding another part of the crib to chew on 
     *thinks its funny to hit Bryce or Addison on the head like he's banging on a table   
     *is still bald
     *weighs 17lbs
Collin found the toliet and thought it was fun to play in!

While downloading Easter pictures I thought the babies were playing with some of their toys between the kitchen and living room. When it suddenly got quiet I thought 'what are they doing'? This is what I found....
Puffs everywhere!!!!
Some how they got the lid off the puffs and had them dumped out on the floor eating them! Thankfully the floor was pretty clean so I let them have at it while I snapped a few pictures.


The Schramm Clan said...

the toilet picture is great!!

Papa said...

Good inquisitive children, great!!

Jess said...

I am sitting in the doctor's office cracking up!! Those three are definitely going to keep you on your toes. I love it! What fun you have in store!!!!!

Jaime said...

Bless you Momma. I don't know how you do it!