Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Three babies and a snowman

The babies are only 8 months old and they have seen snow twice in Brenham, TX! Today it snowed really hard from about 2:30-6:00 so we had enough snow to build a snowman. We didn't want to keep the babies out in the snow too long so its not a fancy snowman and this is Texas so he is also made with dead grass. Addison and Collin seemed to like the snow, Addison was all smiles and talking. Bryce was not too impressed, I think he would have prefered a bottle in the warm house!
Collin, Addison, Bryce and the snowman
Bryce wasn't a fan of the stroller but Addison and Collin were happy!
Addison with Daddy and Mommy in the snow
Bryce with Daddy and Mommy in the snow
Collin with Daddy and Mommy in the snow. Collin didn't know what to think about the snow hitting him in the face.

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