Friday, February 19, 2010

The things Momma does to keep us entertained!

We haven't been out of the house much since the weather has been so cold and yucky so keeping three babies entertained inside the house has become somewhat of a challenge. All three have had moments where they just want to be held and with only two hands it can make it difficult to hold babies and actually get something done. Yesterday Addison and Collin were in their moods about the time I was trying to make bottles and formula so I came up with a creative new way to keep them entertained and by my side.
Addison playing with her spoon in the sink
Addison and Collin in the sink
(I promise I cleaned and dried the sink before putting them in there)
They made fun noises with their spoons and the stainless steal sink and it was a whole new area for them to figure out. Luckily they aren't strong enough to turn on the water yet.
Now that they scoot all over the place this was another way I contained them to one place!
Collin in the toy basket
Bryce in the toy basket


Jana said...

Love it!! We have a pic of Clay in the washing machine. They look so happy!!

Papa said...

Looks like it will be easy for Dad to teach them how to wash dishes now!

Jess said...

THOSE ARE PRECIOUS!!! I love it! I'll have to remember the sink trick! :)