Thursday, January 7, 2010

This one's for cousin Michael and the Maurer's

Tonight we hung out at the house watching the National Championship and I couldn't resist putting Addison in this outfit that the Maurer's loaned to us. I thought this may be the only time she will ever have a reason to wear it and since my cousin Michael is in the drum line at UT I thought we would root for that orange team. My dad(Papa) is a die hard Aggie so I hope he doesn't disown us!

She's still pretty cute even if she is in orange!


The Maurer's said...

YEAH, Addison!!!! HOOK 'EM. It wasn't the outcome we were looking for, but the put up a good fight. Longhorn cheerleader outfits are headed your way.... watch out!

David Wilde said...

I will have to admit that Addison would look cute in anything.

And with due respect to the Maurer's and due respect to the Longhorn football team who put up a gallant fight in spite of the missing Colt.

What are you doing to our grandaughter????