Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our last trip to the medical center

Since leaving the NICU we have made several trips back to see different doctors for follow up appointments to make sure the babies are developing okay and yesterday was our last appointment for a while (we hope)!
Yesterday we had our third follow up appointment with an optometrist. They check preemies for ROP, which is a potentially blinding eye disorder and thank goodness we did not have that. On this follow up visit she checked for any vision problems, she had no concern for Addison or Collin but was a little concerned about Bryce being far sided so he will have a follow up appointment a year from now. She said there is a chance he can out grow it so we will just keep an eye on him. The doctor didn't feel like this was a problem due to his prematurity but more genetics (he can blame his father for that one). 

Last week we saw a doctor for both Bryce and Collin, they both have a mild flat spot on the back of their heads, it is purely a cosmetic thing and does not affect their brain or development. It is common with multiples (from being in tight quarters in the womb) and NICU babies (laying in an isolette). We were very happy to find out that they both have mild cases and they will not need to wear a helmet to reshape their heads. The doctor feels that both will get better over time and it will not be noticable with hair, lets just hope they never want to shave their heads(or maybe it will be a way for me to stop them from ever wanting to do that)! Both boys have already improved a lot over the last two months so we feel they will continue to improve and you really will not be able to notice it.

We are very fortunate that we have had the best care for our babies and every precaution has been made to make sure they are healthy little babies but we will not miss the parking garages, waiting for an empty elevator that will fit two strollers and two adults, and packing up for a day long trip to Houston.


Jess said...

SO glad the babies are healthy and that you guys are done with trips to Houston!!!

Jess said...

AWESOME new pic, by the way!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a BEAUTIFUL family!